Manufacturer’s Rep

img29As a manufacturer, you’re always looking for new opportunities to sell your products. Traditional advertising can help you to reach thousands of customers and distributors, but HSN marketing could help you to reach millions of consumers through a single channel. The problem for many, is that finding a way in to catalogue and interactive television distribution can be difficult, especially if a business doesn’t have the necessary industry contacts.

By outsourcing HSN and QVC marketing, your business could gain access to a proven portfolio of shopping network contacts within the world’s largest home shopping distribution companies. Our expert manufacturers’ representatives can help you to position your brand to the millions of consumers waiting for products like yours.

Our professional representatives will liaise with the right companies and industry insiders who can fast track your advertising within networks like HSN and QVC. The Home Shopping Network is one of the most prominent networks in existence, with an audience of over 100 million consumers, spanning every continent. Your products will receive the kind of widespread exposure that can take your business to new heights.

Talk to us today to find out how our proven methods and contacts can help you, and we’ll design a strategy that takes your brand to levels of success you may not have though possible.